It thrills me to share the experience of one of Brain Prodigy’s first clients.

A mother’s version of success, in her own words…

“My daughter was born at 37 weeks with intrauterine growth retardation weighing 3 lbs. I was cautioned that if she survived she may have developmental delays or, best case scenario, learning disabilities and or neurological disorders. She hit all her developmental milestones more or less on schedule. It wasn’t until she was 3 I started to notice a difference in her compared with other children. She was excessively hyperactive, could not perform tasks with more than one directive, could not focus long enough for a short nursery rhyme, and showed aggression towards other children. As the years went on, these “quirks” became more pronounced and more difficult to deal with. She was becoming unhappy, anxious, and her school work began to slide backwards at an accelerated pace. She was enrolled in many activities, I bought a trampoline for the backyard, changed her diet, screen time was nearly eliminated, and she even saw a pediatric therapist, the works. Except, not much changed. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of pharmaceuticals but we were miserable. Every interaction was difficult, I was getting weekly notes home from school regarding poor behavior, her report card was abysmal, and though I am ashamed to admit it, I dreaded spending time with her. Then a friend told me about neurofeedback.

I found Brain Prodigy and began looking into neurofeedback methods and efficacy. The therapy I felt most comfortable with was adaptive, which Brain Prodigy uses. After consulting with Dr. Debly, despite her exceptional qualifications and extensive knowledge of neurofeedback, I admit I was still skeptical. It seemed too easy. I had questions such as ‘will it change my child’s personality?’ and ‘Is it really side effect free?’. All of my questions were answered and Dr. Debly provided me with third party sources, which I appreciated as a health care practitioner.

My daughter, aged 6 at the time, walked into an inviting and warm room. Dr. Debly explained, in an age appropriate way, what was going to happen during neurofeedback. My daughter was hooked up to the system painlessly and began watching her favorite movie. Thirty minutes later we left. Five sessions in myself and her teacher began noticing small changes. I noticed she slept better, she was less hyper, less oppositional and more focused but still my spunky, bright girl. After 20 sessions, she is focused, sleeps well, is thriving in school and other activities and happy. Parenting is a dream compared to where we were five months ago. Her full potential has been unlocked and she is now her very best self, free from frantic behavior, and negative attention from school, home and peers. Her new teacher reports that she is focused and attentive in class.

I can’t praise neurofeedback and Brain Prodigy enough for what they have done for my family.

Disclosure: this is an unsolicited testimonial. I have no financial interests with Brain Prodigy Inc.”

Submitted by BA, Burlington, ON, Canada

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