No More Paralyzing Anxiety

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No More Paralyzing Anxiety

I have treated people who have been paralyzed by anxiety. No longer able to function effectively in their daily lives to work or even to get groceries. Severe anxiety, whether it comes from a genetic vulnerability, life experiences, or both can be very difficult to manage.

Fortunately, I never stop learning from my patients. There are cases where we have been working to overcome significant anxiety symptoms from past traumatic experiences with a combination of medications and psychotherapy for many years. Some progress made, but many setbacks. Approaching the brain with neurofeedback as a means of reducing anxiety has been extremely effective. These people are no longer affected by debilitating anxiety, have improved their functioning, and are starting to enjoy their lives in ways they never again thought possible. One of the best things about this approach is that people find it pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable. It is possible for people to overcome huge obstacles without the risk of being re-traumatized.

No matter how old someone is, there is potential for success is possible with brain training using EEG biofeedback.

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