New beginnings!

New beginnings!

Neurofeedback has been around since the 60’s, but it is new to many of us just now. Biofeedback for the brain has changed the trajectory of my career. The benefits for my patients to date are undeniable. What some of them describe as “subtle to others” is very significant to them. Interacting with more ease and less anxiety in their daily lives seemed unattainable – but it is happening, and they are elated. Past experiences no longer haunt them as they used to for years. It seems impossible, but because of my clinical experience, I have no good reason to deny the benefits of EEG biofeedback. I am interested in finding ways to help people live the best lives possible, so if that means opening my analytical mind to consider an avenue not yet widely accepted by the medical community, I’ll do it.

My motivation for looking outside medications and psychotherapy as a means of treatment for mental health conditions, specifically past trauma, came from feeling something was missing in our approach. In fact, I have felt ‘something is missing’ with respect to treating various conditions dating back to the time I was in graduate school in the late 90’s. I wasn’t studying medicine at that time, in fact following my graduate studies I promised myself I would never return to school. I was exhausted. But, five years out I felt compelled to know more. Medical school and residency taught me to practice medicine and psychiatry with compassion and humility, understanding that there is so much more to learn about the body and the brain. This is a commitment to lifelong learning. When my first few patients described how neurofeedback was helping them, I knew I had found the ‘something’ I had been looking for all these years. It is a different approach to the brain that is gentle, natural, non-invasive, but often very effective. Learning about neurofeedback is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for me as a psychiatrist and as a human being.

Welcome aboard! This is going to be a very exciting adventure.

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