Neuroptimal (R) conference 2018

//Neuroptimal (R) conference 2018

Neuroptimal (R) conference 2018

Greetings from Montreal and 4th annual Neuroptimal(R) conference!

It is wonderful to connect with so many who have discovered the benefits of Dynamical Neurofeedback(TM). As you may know, there are two types of neurofeedback: linear and dynamical. Traditional linear neurofeedback involves inhibiting and rewarding brain activity to achieve predetermined targets (specific patterns of frequencies which have been found to benefit different conditions). Dynamical Neurofeedback (TM) provides the brain with feedback on its activity as it is happening in real time enabling the brain reorganizes itself. Yes, it is within the brain’s capacity to find its balance in its own way.

Many have shared inspiring case reports, personal experiences, and small studies where Neuroptimal(R) has truly transformed lives. I had not been aware of the potential benefits for people suffering with tinnitis, for instance. Preliminary research from Italy is promising in this area. Dementia, autism, emotional dysregulation, addiction, self harm behaviours, and mood instability were also highlighted today as conditions that can benefit from EEG biofeedback.

This is truly the way of the future for addressing mental health concerns and optimal mental wellness.

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