Neurofeedback, Medications and Unexpected Surprises

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Neurofeedback, Medications and Unexpected Surprises

In an ideal world people would never need to take medications for treatment of any medical condition. Reality is many people do need medications for improved physical and mental health offering a certain quality of life and level of functioning. I have come to learn that neurofeedback can be quite powerful leading to medication dose reduction, complete discontinuation, or offering the opportunity to avoid it all together (i.e., an adult or child choosing neurofeedback over medication for management of ADHD symptoms).

There is a time and place for medications and now I have come to realize there is a time and place for neurofeedback. Quite frankly, neurofeedback can be used on a daily basis for optimal brain health (I know people who do this, and employers who provide it to their employees as a perk of working for their companies – everyone wins), however, the majority of people who use neurofeedback use it once or twice weekly for managing specific symptoms. Even though some people start using Neuroptimal(R) neurofeedback for one condition, they experience benefits in very unexpected ways.

I recently spoke with a man whose mother had received approximately 100 Neuroptimal(R) sessions over the course of two years. His mother, now in her 70’s, suffered from undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder through her adulthood. This caused tremendous suffering for her as well as her family, especially her children. In her 60’s she was diagnosed with Dementia as well and eventually was placed in a long term care facility. Her son was introduced to Neuroptimal(R) and decided to use it with his mother. She experienced astonishing results with respect to mood stabilization and improvements in her memory. However, the unexpected benefits were that after 20 sessions she stopped biting her nails. Her whole life she bit her nails until there were no nails left on her fingers. One day her son went to visit her at the nursing home. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he walked in her room to find a nurse painting his mother’s nails! He said, those must be fake! The nurse then told him that his mother had stopped biting her nails approximately 2 weeks earlier and was very proud of this. Painting her nails was a way of celebrating her victory. Her nail biting became the indicator of when she would need a few more neurofeedback sessions to manage re-emerging mood symptoms.

When the brain is allowed to organize and balance itself, amazing things can happen!

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