What can I expect from a session?

/What can I expect from a session?

What can I expect from a session?

NF sessions are enjoyable and often relaxing. Training with a Neuroptimal neurofeedback system at Brain Prodigy Inc.,  you will experience the session sitting in a comfortable chair. A technician will attach 2 sensors to your scalp using conductive paste to enhance the signal from the brain. There are also 2 sensors attached to the right ear and 1 sensor attached to the left ear in order to correct for other frequencies/noise  in the physical environment which may otherwise interfere with the signal from the scalp sensors.

Once the setup is complete, you will be given a set of headphones, or you may choose to bring in your own ear buds. Through the headphones you will hear music. Intermittently there will be breaks in the music – this is the feedback from the system that will invite the brain to re-stabilize.

Each session lasts 33 min. Children often find watching a video to be more enjoyable than simply listening to music. Approximately 5% of the feedback is visual and 95% is auditory. Many people fall asleep during sessions and this is just fine. Others like to read a book or use a smartphone to browse the web or read to pass the time. These activities do not interfere with having a successful session.

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